Another Abuse of Power and Position


As this term of council winds down, with only a few weeks before the election, it seems some members at the table can’t help themselves abusing their position and their power. Their sense of entitlement is an embarrassing display. At tomorrow’s council meeting (Sept. 20), Councillor Jeffery will make the following notice of motion:

THAT Council appoint Acting Deputy Mayor McLeod as Deputy Mayor for the duration of the current term of Council.

This isn’t just a change in title: it is a political gambit to allow McLeod to campaign as the Deputy Mayor, not merely the Acting DM. Apparently, McLeod’s friend and supporter on council wants to help McLeod’s mayoral campaign against rival councillor, Yvonne Hamlin. It’s cheap, dirty, crude politics. And yet they feel entitled to do it.

McLeod was, as you know from this blog, the councillor who initiated the bullying campaign that drove fellow councillor Tina Comi off council. Jeffery was an eager participant who signed the complaint McLeod printed out and canvassed the other members to sign. Hamlin was the only sitting councillor who refused to sign it.*

And since Hamlin seems to be getting more traction on the campaign trail than McLeod, this seems a blatant, underhanded attempt to artificially raise McLeod’s profile.

If it passes, Mcleod will be able to boast of her status as deputy mayor at the All-Candidates’ Meeting (Sept. 27) and while she campaigns during the entire last month before the final vote (Oct. 24).

Corruption can mean many things, but in its basic form it is defined as, “the misuse of power for personal gain.” I would say an end-run to elevate her friend’s status in the middle of an election campaign is a clear misuse of power. And even if you argue it isn’t corruption, it’s hard to argue it isn’t just plain sleazy.**


* The gang of bullies who signed McLeod’s complaint to rid themselves of Comi include Mayor Saunderson and Councillors Jeffery, Doherty, Berman, Madigan. None of them deserve to be re-elected.

** Corruption can also be defined as “Dishonest or illegal behaviors, especially by people in positions of power or authority. Impairment of moral principal, virtue, or values.”

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  1. Coun. Yvonne Hamlin, who is vying for the mayor’s chair in next month’s election against McLeod, raised concerns that council was “inserting itself in the election process” by doing this now.

    “It behooves us to look further and see what the impact of this vote is,” she said.

    Hamlin, quoting residents who raised concerns to her, said it is “inappropriate.”–interfering-in-the-election-process-collingwood-mayoral-candidate-cries-foul-as-opponent-named-deputy-mayor/?li_source=LI&li_medium=YMBII&li_pl=87&li_tr=YMBII

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