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Ian Chadwick, with AbbyIan Chadwick is a veteran of 40 years in the media. He started working in newspapers in 1969. He was reporter/photographer and later managing editor of Collingwood’s Enterprise Bulletin newspaper, and previously managing editor of its Huronia Sunday weekly supplement. He was local radio correspondent for CBC’s Ontario Morning for a dozen years. He hosted the current events program, Politically Speaking, for Rogers TV and was co-host of the variety/interview show, Medium Rare on Rogers TV. He has a passion for politics and the political process.

In the years before he moved to Collingwood, Ian spent many years in the publishing trade, including book and software editor for Holt, Rinehart & Winston publishers in the 1980s. He was also editor and feature writer for many Canadian and international magazines including InfoAge, Microcomputer News, Moves, Ontario Motorcycle Guide, Strategy & Tactics, Antic, ST-Log, and Discover Mexico. He has recently written several articles on local government and governance issues for Municipal World magazine.

Ian bought his first computer in 1977 and has been a computer programmer, consultant, trade show exhibitor, reviewer and speaker about computers and technology since then. He wrote a syndicated weekly newspaper column on computers and technology for more than a decade, until the early 2000s and taught local classes on web design.

He was an early social media adopter: he ran a bulletin board system on an Atari 800 in the early 1980s, and was a sysop on both Compuserve and Delphi – the internet’s precursors – until the early 1990s. He taught website design for several years at local schools,and still does website design and analysis, as well as creates his own web sites. He is an active user of many social media platforms today.

He is a book author of Mapping The Atari (Compute Books, 1983, revised 1985) and major contributor to Compute’s Third Book of Atari (Compute Books, 1985). He won the Northern Lights short story contest in 1991. His short story about Henry Hudson has been reprinted in several publications. He is currently working on a humorous novel about small-town politics and a work of fantasy. He edited and published several newsletters for organizations, special interest and community groups.

He was owner and operator of the successful Mail Boxes Etc./UPS Store local franchise for 11 years, where he did graphic design, editing, printing, writing and layout, packing and shipping for many small businesses, entrepreneurs and community groups. He learned much about business accounting, financial management, employee relations and customer service in that role.

Ian served on many community boards, committees and service clubs in Collingwood since 1990, including the Greening of Collingwood Committee, Vision 2020, the public library board, Ride for Sight host committee, Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Optimist Club, Chamber of Commerce, and others.

In 2003, he was elected to local political office as a councillor. He was re-elected in 2006 and 2010, serving 11 years. During his time in office, he was the council representative on the airport board, BIA, Elvis Festival committee, library board, sustainability committee, affordable housing committee, and hospital board. He currently serves as council representative on the BIA board of management, Library board and Elvis Festival management board.

Today he remains passionate about local government, volunteering and community engagement. He feels that being a politician was only one way of giving back to a community he loves.

Municipal World signingIn December, 2011, Municipal World published his first book about municipal issues: Politically Speaking, a guide to media relations and communications strategies for municipal politicians, boards and staff.

His second book with Municipal World, Digital Connections, on using social media for municipal politicians and employees, was released in May, 2012. He recently gave a workshop seminar on the pleasures and perils of social media for municipal communications officers.

His latest book, Buzz, Brands & Going Viral – a sourcebook for marketing, branding and public relations for municipalities – was published by Municipal World in late 2013. It looks at the many ways a municipality can promote and brand itself in a changing, competitive and complex new environment.

A fourth book on technology and e-government is in the works.

He also completed a satirical book on Machiavelli’s The Prince for municipal politicians (it can be read online here).He is currently working on several projects, including a book for e-publication on how politics, ethics and philosophy intersect in popular thought and culture, another on the tequila industry, as well as engaged in some music- and ukulele-related projects.

He has been a presenter, tour host, conference speaker and tasting leader for the tequila industry, and maintains one of the oldest websites and forums about tequila, as well as a Facebook page for tequila aficionados.

Ian has also been interviewed on TV, radio and in print many times, on many topics, from computer gaming to tequila to ukuleles.

He is currently semi-retired, but continues as a freelance writer and editor, graphic and website designer, a blogger since 2005, social commentator, researcher, communication consultant, and wannabe novelist. He plays and reviews the ukulele, bass and harmonica. He runs a local ukulele group at the Collingwood Public Library that now meets twice a month.

He has recently developed an interest in baking bread and learning Latin. His other interests include history, science, motorcycles, writing, Shakespeare, music, Henry Hudson, animal behaviour, Buddhism, urban design and growth, politics, religion, Chaucer, science fiction, virology, language, the Gnostics, computing and technology, military history, gardening and typography. Ian is a skeptic by nature and a pragmatist.

His home site is: ianchadwick.com. His tequila forum is: blueagaveforum.com. His vintage ukulele music site is: vintageukemusic.com

Follow Ian on Twitter @iwchadwick and look for his Facebook pages. He is also on LinkedIn and Google+.
NB: For genealogy buffs, this archived blog is about his musical family and this one is about other links on his family tree.

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