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Mumpsimus BlogI began my Mumpsimus blog in early 2005, using the more awkward IPB system. This Scripturient blog was started in January, 2012, when I moved to the WordPress platform. By late 2020, there were more than 1,200 entries here, more than 1,100 comments, and more than 1.925 million words. And I can’t seem to stop writing, even with the cancer occupying my time.

Since I began blogging, I have written about Collingwood Council, science, morality, faith, politics, history, human rights, Darwin, egregious stupidity, skepticism, language, grammar, the environment, computer games, technology and software, my family, SUVs, book and film reviews, music, ukuleles, Tibet, Quebec, motorcycles, taxes, chess, elections, media, leadership, Mexico, tequila, bad drivers, local media, other bloggers, urban design, social media, debentures, pets, prostate cancer, critical thinking, mortality, Machiavelli, Chinese philosophy, Trump, Harper, Scheer, Trudeau, and Trump. I debunked creationism, homeopathy, flat earth, angels, and other pseudoscience nonsense. And of course, there was more.

My older, Mumpsimus posts from 2005-2011 – another million words – are currently offline or in the process of being shut down. Most are outdated now, so they aren’t all that relevant anymore. Links to posts there found in this new blog may not work since they generally point back to my old server.

My old site also contained the database of many personal posts, about family and genealogy. I am slowly restoring some of these older posts to this site.

The Blue Agave Forum remained active for those wanting a calm place to discuss tequila until the spring of 2018. I decided that the tequila community was better served by the many new and more informed aficionados online, and my site was less connected to social media as some are, so I shut it down after 15 years of operation.

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