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This blog was begun in January, 2012, although I have been actively blogging since 2005. By late 2014, there were roughly 500 entries here, more than 400 comments, and had received more than 180,000 views.

My older posts are currently at this site until I figure out a way to restore them and the database here on my new host server. Links to posts there found in this new blog may not work since they generally point back to my old server and I haven’t gotten around to doing a search-and-replace to update them. Use the old blog’s search feature to find the appropriate post there.

The archive of older posts includes 91 pages of writing, dating from early 2005 to late 2011, with more than 650 posts posts about Collingwood Council, science, morality, faith, politics, history, human rights, Darwin, egregious stupidity, skepticism, language, grammar, the environment, computer games, technology and software, my family, SUVs, book and film reviews, music, ukuleles, Tibet, Quebec, motorcycles, taxes, chess, elections, Mexico, tequila, bad drivers, local media, bloggers, urban design, social media, debentures, pets, critical thinking and much more.

It’s also the database of many personal posts, about family and genealogy. Some day soon I will create a collected posts PDF in e-book format.

The older comments on my posts are also archived on that site. After several years struggling valiantly to work within the limitations imposed by the Invision blog system, I have happily migrated to WordPress. I’ll keep blogging on WP… but the Blue Agave Forum remains on IPB.

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