Election 2014

Re-elect Ian Chadwick, municipal councillorI have created a simple Web page to indicate my platform for the 2014 Municipal Election. I am running for re-election as councillor.

I am an experienced, informed and dedicated politician with a passion for both municipal politics and the community I live in. And we live in the best, most beautiful  town in Canada. This is a community we should actively celebrate and promote.

I have been intimately involved in the community for more than two decades as a volunteer and service club member, serving on numerous local boards and committees, as a reporter/editor for local media, as a local business owner, and as your representative on council. I do it because I care and care deeply about this town and its future.

My record of acting and voting on behalf of the community speaks for itself. Collingwood’s issues, concerns and events have long been my priority. I believe in giving back to the community through service in its municipal and community organizations, including its council.

I also believe strongly in public input in key issues, in an informed and educated electorate, and in open, accountable process. My record as councillor shows I always make informed, rational decisions for the greater good of all residents. I have helped spearhead town initiatives to keep residents informed and involved; and to communicate better and more effectively the town’s achievements, goals and objectives.

During my time in office, I have championed issues at the table that affect us all: affordable housing, literacy, our humane society and animal welfare, preserving trees and green spaces, for trails and parks, lowering municipal debt and taxes, improved economic development initiatives and job opportunities, public health, communications, developing our harbour, and providing cost-effective services to residents.

You can read the web content here:


I look forward to your support and your vote in the 2014 municipal election.

Please contact me with any questions, comments or to discuss issues.

I would appreciate any donations towards my campaign you can spare. You can contact me directly about donating or click the PayPal button on the site linked above. If you would like a lawn sign to show your support, please contact me.