More construction at Centennial Pool

Centennial Pool building, Jan. 25
Here you can see the additional aluminum supports that have been erected to hold up the fabric covering. Only a small area at the north has had some of the fabric installed (visible at the lower left of the photo).
Centennial Pool building, Jan. 25
Workers were doing some maintenance jobs, Saturday. You can see how tall the centre of the building is. It will feel spacious and airy, inside.
Centennial Pool building, Jan. 25
Checking the struts and supports. Nice to see the company working on a weekend.
Centennial Pool building, Jan. 25
This gives you an idea how big and roomy the final building will be. A view from the intersection at Spruce and Third Streets.
Centennial Pool building, Jan. 25
All 14 of the main support struts have now been erected. Looking good!

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