Seven years in politics? But where?


We have questionsIn his latest email letter asking for support for his job-hunting effort, Mayor Brian Saunderson says,

“Having served on Collingwood and Simcoe County Councils for 7 years…”

Saunderson was first elected in late 2014, but did not take office in Collingwood until December 1, 2014. The inaugural meeting for the county was also that month: December 9, 2014. That’s six years and two months, not seven years in office.

I’m curious where he served the other 10 months in office to make up that seven he’s claiming, because it clearly wasn’t in Collingwood or Simcoe County. He wouldn’t be padding his political resume, of course, because that would be unethical and dishonest.

So where did he serve those missing months? And why hasn’t the local media been asking him about his claim?


Barely halfway through his term, Saunderson no longer wants to be our mayor and is actively campaigning for the better-paying job of MPP, although he still wants to be paid as mayor while he job-hunts. He refuses to step down from a job he clearly doesn’t want to do any longer even though it would be the right and ethical thing to do for the people of this community.

I would suggest that while he campaigns for another job one could say he occupies the office of mayor, but it is no longer appropriate to say he serves it. He simply serves his own political ambition.

Collingwood and Simcoe-Grey deserve better.

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