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Updated Feb., 2012

Collection is now too large for a single CD and takes up almost 8 GB on two DVDs!



Some ukulele forum members have scanned and uploading song books and sheets as well. I have permission from them to include their collections on my DVD. These two gentlemen are both members of the Ukulele Cosmos forum:




Knee Deep in Daisies

Terribly In Love

Kentucky's Way

Pal of My Cradle Days

Proper Coffee



Tears Shed in London

Thanks for Buggy Ride

Then I'll Be Happy

Top of the World

Ukulele Dream Girl

What Can I Say?

When the Red, Red Robin



Ukulele Ike Book #1

Ukulele Ike Book #2

Ukulele Ike Book #3

Ukulele Ike Comic #1

Ukulele Ike Comic #2


As well, several other members from this and similar forums have sent me files or links to to add to the collection.




Vintage ukulele song books and song sheets - on DVD now.


UPDATE: I have a new website dedicated to this collection of old song sheets and song books:


Please visit this new site to learn more about the music and see some additional purchasing options.


CAVEAT: Some of the earlier songs and songbooks contain words and images that are not socially or politically appropriate today. There are pieces that may be considered offensive today - particularly sexist and racist. I don't write these, nor do I approve them. I merely replicate them in interest of their historical value.


What you see below is merely a VERY small selection of what's in the collection. I also have scanned and assembled another 20+ songbooks and hundreds of song sheets not shown here, that are provided on the DVD. At present I have more than 2,000 PDF files in the collection - more than 4GB of files! Including titles in song books, there are more than 5,000 songs here.


If you have any vintage song books or sheets I can add to the collection, please contact me. I would like to be able to offer them to other ukulele aficionados.


See my ukulele reviews and commentaries for updates. Please do not sell these disks, or separate files on eBay, post them online or add them to another collection for sale. I put a lot of my own time, effort and money into building this collection and appreciate your respect for that.



Song books:

Copyright is being ascertained.

Some good arrangements here.

Copyright is being ascertained. I did a version of Five Foot Two in C based on her version in this book.

More Remick song books - vols. 1-9 of their instructional series -  are online in PDF. See  Boxnet for links.

Bonzo Dog fans should recognize the first song listed here! I also offer the song in a separate file in the collection.

Witmark Dance Folio No. 1

Several of Cliff Edward's (Ukulele Ike's) song books and other works of his are available as PDFs, scanned by other players. See the sidebar.

Arrived without a cover.

Irving Berlin Songbook, 1932
Hits from Hawaii for the Ukulele No. 1 40 more Hits of Our Times

Large file (13MB) 

Large file (16MB)

Fifty Famous Favorites for the Ukulele
Various uke songs from unnamed book

A handful of songs from a coverless, undated and untitled book I found in a used book store. None of the other songs had uke chords.

1929 Wright Song & Dance Album

Another Bonzo Dog song in this 1929 song book - Jollity Farm. Plus Ain't Misbehavin' and others. A fragile book, hard to scan.

Some uke, also some piano and guitar arrangements. 

A great collection, including Ain't She Sweet and Vo-do-do-de-o Blues among others, all pre-1928. Most are on the DVD as separate song sheets.


A collection from 1924. Warning: several song lyrics may be offensive by today's standards. 

King's Hawaiian Melodies

A fat collection of classic Hawaiian songs.


Al Jolson Album of Songs No. 1

Al Jolson's first album of songs. Some great old tunes here Undated but all songs copyright pre-1928. Jolson is shown in blackface, which he used in his early career and used in his 1927 movie, The Jazz Singer.


Many popular songs, but music only; no lyrics.


A collection of Rudy's personal favourites, including Cielito Lindo, Man on the Flying Trapeze, Rain, Frankie and Johnny and others.

Many popular songs, but music only; no lyrics. Apparently this was the last year Gem produced song books with ukulele chords. From 1936 on, they offered guitar chords. That suggests a change in popularity for the ukulele.

A collection of old standards, including Yes, We Have No Bananas, The Band Played On, Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Bicycle Built for Two and many more. Warning: several lyrics may be offensive by today's standards.

Music only, no lyrics. Similar song books and collections are on the DVD.



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All this music on disc:

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Also available on the disc:

Chord charts for ukulele (C tuning) Large format (one key per page)

Large format ukulele chords   Four-up ukulele chords

and small format (four-up). Plus a few other items like a chord wheel and some of my own arrangements.


Song sheets:


Must have been a popular tune. I have four cover versions of this song, with different performers pictures on each, including Ozzie Nelson and Alice Joy.

No cover.

I remember the Spike Jones version of this song, heard when I was a child, and still recall all of the lyrics.

Away From You - ukulele song sheet
A Faded Summer Love Auld Lang Syne - ukulele song sheet It's the Girl - ukulele song sheet The Lost Chord  - ukulele song sheet
Bells of St. Mary's  - ukulele song sheet I'm Only Making believe - ukulele song sheet An Old Fashioned Girl  - ukulele song sheet Through - ukulele song sheet
Just a Little Closer My Fate is in Your Hands  - ukulele song sheet

Co-authored by Thomas "Fats" Waller.

A Little Rose a Little Shower

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen. 

The song Elvis Presley made famous! Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen. Two versions on the DVD.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Uke arrangement by May Singhi Breen.

Girl of My Dreams, Rudy Vallee

One of many Rudy Vallee hits in the collection.

If You Haven't Got a Girl


Please help me maintain this site, purchase and scan this music, and run my forum and uke reviews page. I would very much appreciate your donation. Click the PayPal button above.

The collection has more than 2,000 PDF files in it now and consumes more than 4 GB of space on a DVD.
Fellow uke enthusiasts:
if you have similar old music scores or books you want scanned to PDF, or scans you're willing to share, please contact me.

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Non-ukulele pieces

Some pieces with guitar chords that can be easily converted to uke songs (available on the dual-layer DVD or 'extras' DVD):

A Wandering Minstrel (guitar chords) Dark Eyes (guitar chords)

This was, apparently, the first year Gem switched from ukulele chords to guitar chords. No lyrics, just music.

Some nice tunes here, including Glory of Love, one of my favourites. Lyrics included.

Paper Doll, Frank Sinatra

Ol' Blue Eyes himself, at an early age.