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I am a veteran of 40 years in the media and publishing. Through the 1990s I was reporter and managing editor of Collingwood's Enterprise Bulletin newspaper, and previously managing editor/feature writer for its Huronia Sunday weekly supplement.

I was local correspondent for CBC's Ontario Morning radio show for over a decade. Locally, I hosted the current events program, Politically Speaking, for Rogers TV and was co-host of the variety/interview show, Medium Rare on Maclean Hunter (later Rogers) TV.

In the years before we moved to Collingwood, I was in the publishing trade, including book and software editor for Holt, Rinehart & Winston publishers in the 1980s. I was editor and feature writer for many magazines including InfoAge, Microcomputer News, Moves, Ontario Motorcycle Guide, Antic, ST-Log and Discover Mexico. More recently, I have written numerous articles on governance and related issues for Municipal World and Pipeline magazines, and published three books with Municipal World.

I was also a freelance writer for many years, specializing in technical writing and software manuals. I have written non-fiction feature articles and columns for many publications across Canada, the USA and UK, and published or contributed to newsletters for organizations, special interest and community groups.

I was winner of the Northern Lights short story contest in 1991. My short story about Henry Hudson has been reprinted in several publications. I am currently working on some fiction and various blog posts.

Politician, author, blogger, businessman

In 2003, I was elected to local political office as a councillor in the Town of Collingwood. I was re-elected in 2006 and 2010. I have been the council representative on the airport services board, Downtown BIA, Elvis festival committee, public library board, sustainability committee, affordable housing committee, and hospital board. I was proud to serve the municipality in my role, and to contribute to our community's wellbeing for 11 consecutive years.

Municipal World signingIn December, 2011, Municipal World published my book, Politically Speaking, a guide to media relations and communications strategies for municipal politicians.

My second book with Municipal World, Digital Connections, on social media for municipal politicians and municipal organizations, was released in May, 2012.

My third book, Brands, Buzz & Going Viral: A sourcebook of modern marketing strategies, was released by Municipal World in early 2014.

I completed a book (not yet published) on Machiavelli's The Prince for municipal politicians (online here). I am working on a new book, about e-government, for publication in late 2016 and constantly updating some older web material. Writing remains one of my passions.

October 2013I have been blogging regularly about local issues, as well as on areas of personal interest, politics, literature, society, culture, art, film, music, education, urban planning, language and science since 2005. I am active on social media.

I was owner and operator of the successful, local Mail Boxes Etc./UPS Store franchise for 11 years, where I did graphic design, editing, writing and layout for many small businesses, entrepreneurs and community groups. During that time, the store was ranked among the top 20% of the 300+ franchise outlets across Canada. We supported many local charities and community groups through the store.

I retired from that business and sold my store in 2010, to allow me to pursue other career opportunities and concentrate more on local politics and my writing.

I am currently a freelance communications consultant for a non-governmental water-related organization and have given talks and workshops on media relations and social media.

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Related interests

  • Community engagement

    I am passionate about my community, about good governance, and believe that it is my responsibility to participate in it, to be a volunteer and to be active in its events and issues. Since 1990, I have participated on many local boards, committees and service clubs, including the Museum board (as chair), Chamber of Commerce board, Greening of Collingwood committee, Ride for Sight local host committee, Vision 2020 committee, Collingwood library board (member since 1991), Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Optimist Club, BNI and others. I have been a volunteer for many local events, as well. I believe strongly in serving my community. Since my first election in 2003, I have been the council representative on the airport board, Downtown BIA, Elvis committee, library board, sustainability committee, affordable housing committee, and hospital board.

  • Politics

    Years in the media, 11 years as a local politician, and my own personal interest and continued research into politics on all levels have focused my beliefs in the strength of our democratic system. I believe in the necessity for open and transparent process in government and bureaucracy, and the need for accountability in local government. I have blogged about politics since 2005, and raised these issues at the council table. I will always be an advocate for proper process and procedure and a vocal critic of those who are not. Please read my blog for my comments

    Media relations & PR

    I offer a modest consulting service to municipalities, municipal boards and committees, and any organization on media relations, social media use, public relations, communications, branding and public relations, as well as offering my services as writer, editor, website analyst, workshop and seminar leader, and speaker.

  • Computers & technology

    I bought my first computer in 1977 (Radio Shack's TRS-80) and have not gone a day since without having at least one in daily use in my household. I began writing about computers and software in 1978 and had a regular column on military/historical computer games and simulations in Moves Magazine from 1981. I wrote the book, Mapping The Atari (Compute Books, 1983, revised 1985) and was a major contributor to Compute's Third Book of Atari (Compute Books, 1985).  I was contributing editor for several Atari and ST magazines in the 1980s. I was a sysop on both CompuServe and Delphi systems until 1990, running Atari-related SIGs, as well as operating my own home-based BBS. I wrote a weekly newspaper column on computers and technology in Canadian newspapers for more than a decade, until the early 2000s. I do my own website design when I have time, and offer a site analysis service as well as consulting about technology for municipal politicians.

  • Ukulele player

    I started playing music in the mid-1960s - guitar, bass, harmonica - but did not pick up the ukulele until early 2008. Since then, I have been a passionate uke player, with a particular interest n the music of the 1920s and 30s, when the ukulele was first in vogue. I have amassed a large collection of sheet music and song books from that era. I have a small site where I review ukuleles and discuss issues like tonewoods, strings, acoustics, etc. My passion for making music outstrips my talent, but I do enjoy it. I also play tenor guitar, bass and harmonica. I am the founder of the Collingwood Public Library Ukulele Group (CPLUG) which met for two years in the local library.

  • Tequila aficionado

    I maintain one of the oldest websites about tequila online. I have been a presenter, tour host and conference speaker for the tequila industry. I have hosted tutored tastings locally and at national shows. I remain connected to the tequila community online. I have toured the region three times, and hope to return in 2020.

  • Interests

    I am a voracious reader. My passions and pastimes include English language, baking bread, making my own pasta, motorcycles, history, paleontology, virology, Mexico, blues and jazz, politics, animal welfare, Shakespeare, Chaucer, computer simulations, Buddhism, photography, chess, cross country skiing, bicycling, Japanese flute, gardening, Indian food, typography, Web design and programming, military history, winemaking, Napoleon, municipal/urban growth, photography, Darwin and evolution, the environment, cats, dogs and ferrets, hot sauces, politics and a lot more. I believe, as Casanova is reported to have written, "No man can learn everything, but every man should attempt to do so." My blog has a lot of posts about my interests.

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