An Example Our Mayor Should Follow


In a recent story in the Quinte News (March 31, 2021) the headline told us, “Belleville Councillor Ryan Williams has resigned from Belleville City Council.”

Williams was elected the federal Conservative candidate for the Bay of Quinte riding for the next federal election, and instead of staying on in council taking the town’s paycheque and benefits, he has resigned his seat.

In his media release, Williams said it was because that was the right thing to do for his community:

I have decided to resign instead of taking a leave of absence with the best intentions of being the fairest to the people of Belleville who deserve to have a seat filled and the elected person actively working on bettering the city.

He added,

I also strongly believe that it is the fairest and most democratic decision for the citizens of Belleville is to have my seat filled immediately, by the next in line, rather than taking a leave of absence.

One can only hope his actions could prove an ethical example our own mayor Saunderson might follow if he were an honourable man. It’s past time he stopped sucking on the public tit while he campaigns to get a better-paying job in Toronto as an MPP.
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The honourable thing to do would be for him to resign while he job-hunts for a better-paying job in Toronto and stop taking the town’s paycheque for a position he clearly wants to be out of. But he stubbornly refuses to do the right thing.

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