Blue Agave


JimadorIn 1995, I put online my first article about tequila, encouraging people to shed their myths about the spirit and try 100% agave tequila. I had actually written a piece for the local newspaper, a few years earlier.

Over the years, that single page grew and expanded, into what is today about 60 pages of information here. It is called “In Search of the Blue Agave” because it originally chronicled my search for the history and development of tequila, and how I discovered 100% agave tequilas.

It is, as far as I know, the longest-running private, non-commercial site about tequila on the web today. It has always been my goal to promote good, 100% agave, pure tequila to the world – especially Canadians who, until a few years ago, could only get mixtos, some of questionable calibre. Always look for the “100% agave” notice on the label.

Due to other commitments (like having to earn money), the site is somewhat dated in its news and recent events, I admit, but will be updated and reformatted this summer with more social media connections.

In 2004, I started the Blue Agave forum, a forum for tequila aficionados. It grew quickly to more than 1,000 members (it has more than 2,300 today with more than 69,000 posts). I shut it down in 2019, but others have taken on the task of managing it.

In 2006, some of the key members organized what would become the first of the annual Blue Agave tour to the tequila region of Mexico: centred around the towns of Tequila and Arandas. That first tour was a three-day event. Today it’s a week long. I’ve had the delight and honour of participating in three of these tours.

I have a Facebook page for FB users to leave comments, ask questions or read about updates.

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