Harbourview Dump Splash Pad Already Over Budget


Kids and garbageLocal residents recently confirmed to me the dump that is under Harbourview Park occupied all the land from the wastewater treatment plant (WTP) on the east, to the Arboretum (Hickory Street) on the west, and all the land north of the rail line (now the Georgian Trail), right to the water’s edge. And that it was never properly decommissioned, merely covered with a thin layer of topsoil.

And, they said, the garbage is right below the surface everywhere you dig. Including, I was again told, dead animals.

So close to the surface the garbage is, I was told, that when the company digging the new water line for the planned “Awen” splash pad this summer crossed the trail and dug into the park, it uncovered a deep well of old trash. So much trash was found that it had to be removed and hauled to the local landfill site in order to finish laying the water pipeline.

The tipping fees for dumping it there allegedly topped $30,000, which also means the cost of the water line itself went considerably over budget. Yet none of this appears to have been made public.

The town continues its plans to build a water playground for children over a dumpsite knowing the trash is lurking below the surface. The town probably knows, too, that uncovering the trash will release methane gas, which can be lethal.

And our lacklustre council must surely be aware that building anything on a dump is not the way to honour or respect indigenous people.

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  1. A commenter on Facebook noted:

    I think the extra water line cost would fit into the project contingency… there is a contingency isnt there? after all didnt they say we were foolish for doing the arena and pool with out one ???? and besides doesnt 1.5 million really mean 10 million lol

    To which I replied:

    I don’t think the waterline installation would have that high a contingency allowance. It was contracted separately from the rest of the project (and ran over budget right away when the mains proved to be in a different location than mapped). And yes, the whole damn thing will likely be well over the projected $1.55 m.
    Just look at how the Saunderson Vindictive Judicial Inquiry (the SVJI) went from $1.4-$1.6 million to more than $10- million under this council! Why would this be any different?

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