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Madigan not looking his bestThis headline appeared in CollingwoodToday: “Town councillor, deputy-mayor candidate charged with assault.” In Simcoe.com (Collingwood Connection), the headline was “Collingwood councillor, deputy mayor candidate Bob Madigan facing assault charges.Bob Madigan is running for deputy mayor of Collingwood. Is this the sort of behaviour you want in your elected representatives? Given his past behaviour, this latest event didn’t surprise me.

But by the time this reached the local media, his arrest was already well-known around town and shared in the coffee shops and sidewalk chatter. I’m only sharing it here because it’s now been reported in local media.*

As CwoodToday notes:

Current councillor and deputy-mayor candidate Bob Madigan has been charged with assault, according to documents sworn in to the court.
Court documents show Madigan is accused of assault following an alleged incident that occurred on Monday, Sept. 5 in Collingwood.
Madigan was arrested on Sept. 6.

And the Connection added:

According to the province’s online court database, the information against Madigan was sworn on Sept. 12. He is scheduled for a first appearance on Sept. 27.

Sept. 27 is also the date for the Chamber of Commerce’s all-candidates’ meeting for mayors and deputy-mayors. Will Madigan continue his campaign or withdraw? How does his arrest affect his supporters and friends? Who will jump ship and disavow him? Who will continue to support him (their support thus seeming to condone his behaviour)?

Collingwood deserves better!


* I’ve been informed that his case may be number 3811998228140064000, listed as “Domestic violence.”

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  1. Mark

    Delicious irony…for years now Madigan was part of the Saunderson block predicting the Opp would lay charges against former mayor Cooper and her allies…a decade later nada on the Cooper group .. but Saunderson pal faces criminal charges

  2. https://www.collingwoodtoday.ca/2022-municipal-election-news/madigan-continues-run-for-deputy-mayor-despite-assault-charge-5830593
    “… Madigan was charged with assault related to an alleged incident [assaulting a woman] on Sept. 5 in Collingwood. He was arrested on Sept. 6 and his first court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 27.”

    Yet despite his arrest and widespread condemnation in the community, he continues to run. Appalling. Collingwood deserves a better representative than this man.

    For those with a Facebook account, read more comments about Madigan here:


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