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Thank you to everyone who endorsed my nomination papers, who donated to my campaign, who took a lawn sign, and, of course, who voted for me in this 2022 municipal election. Three thousand, three hundred and forty seven of you believed in what I stood for and voted for me; a mere five votes shy of winning a seat on council. That was 38.1% of all the votes cast for council, and 15.1% of eligible voters, but not quite enough to get me back to the table. My sincere appreciation for your votes.

A special thanks to my wife, Susan, who tirelessly campaigned with me, going door-knocking at about 2,000 residences over several weeks.

A total 8,786 people cast their vote this election, out of 22,142 registered voters, or only 39.68% of voters. That is a disappointing figure; even lower than the abysmal turnout for the recent provincial election. Collingwood could have, should have done better.

My congratulations to all the winners (the full list is here) and my respect and admiration for everyone who ran. It takes courage and conviction to stand up for what you believe in and put your name forward for public service. We may not agree on policies or issues, but you have my respect for making the effort.

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  1. Michael Beaupre

    Great campaign Ian. I followed from afar & you ran a successful race. Very disappointing in Toronto as well. We hame more years of Ford’s puppet in Tory. However we did get rid of one corrupt councillor in Grimes.

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