We were lied to. Again.


DeceitOn Monday, the Block chose a new representative for the town’s half of the Collus-PowerStream board. They advertised the position in the local media and accepted applications from several qualified local residents. They made it look like they were actually going to follow the proper and legal process for the first time. They went in camera to discuss the applications. And who did they appoint when they came out?

Councillor Deb “What’s a dividend?” Doherty. Yes, the same councillor who complained about not getting a dividend from the utility after she and her colleagues gutted the utility and killed its revenue stream. The same councillor who complained that in the 50% board partnership in which each side has the same number of votes, the other side “holds all the cards,” sets the rules and controlled the purse strings. The same councillor who has NEVER once this term gone to the utility to speak to its staff or find out their side of the story the administration has been spinning.

That’s right: The Block chose one of their own, and arguably the least qualified person among them to hold that position.

What a slap in the face to all those applicants who put their names forward, thinking The Block would act in good faith. Wouldn’t that have been a pleasant change? But of course they didn’t.

They blatantly ignored the public applications. They intended to do so all along. The whole public application thing was a lie. A despicable act of deception.

This is so unethical, so outright underhanded and sneaky it beggars further description.

Not that this is the first time they have lied to us. They haven’t told the public the truth about any of the destruction they’ve done this term. The sale of our share in Collus-PowerStream, the attempted sale of our water utility, the blocking of the airport development, taking over the IT services, the hospital redevelopment, Councillor Jeffrey’s unlimited expense account… all the public ever got from these Block-made disasters has been lies and blaming others. Every important discussion, every important decision has been made behind closed doors.

And every time they have blamed someone else. They cannot take responsibility for their own actions.

As we have learned this term, The Block are simply incapable of doing otherwise. They cannot act in an ethical, honest and accountable manner. They cannot act openly and transparently. They cannot act for the good of the community, only for themselves. It’s not in their DNA to do otherwise.

Collingwood deserves better.

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