British motorcycle manufacturers - G

Last update June 6, 2003

Gaby 1914-15
Gadabout 1948-51. Scooter.
Gamage 1905-24. Rebadged Omega, Radco and others.
GB 1905-07
Gerard 1913-15
Givaudan 1908-14
Glendale 1920-21
Globe 1901-11
Gloria 1924-25. Name also used by low-end Triumph-built bikes 1931-33 (32-34?) that used 98cc & 147cc Villiers engines.
Grandex-Precision 1910-16
Graphic 1903-06
Graves 1914-15. Built by New Imperial.
Green 1919-23. Early pioneer of water cooling.
Greeves Known for its trials and motocross bikes which won many international trials events, Greeves also made 250 and 350cc roadsters using Villiers or Anzani engines. Sample models Fleetmaster, Sportsman, Sports Twin, Hawkstone Scrambler, Anglian. Bert Greeves began building bikes in 1951, using Villiers engines. The bikes won several races in the 1960s, and started making their own engines in 1964. Greeves closed in 1977 when Bert retired.
Greyhound 1905-1907. Also called Greyhound Hampstead.
GRI 1921-22. Single-valve engines.
Grigg 1920-25
Former sidecar maker. Made stylish roadsters from 1923; 150cc to 1,000cc V-twins using JAP and Villiers engines. Their big moment came when Bill Lacey set a world record by covering over 100 miles in an hour on a Grindlay-Peerless in 1928. Closed in 1934.
Grose-Spur 1934-39. Lightweights.
GSD 1921-23
G&W 1902-06
GYS Cyclemotor 1949-1955. Bicycle attachments. Changed name to Motoamite in 1952 (same as Cairns Mocyc)
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