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Troll sprayThe trolls and troglodytes on social media are whinging again about allegedly missing documents that relate to the 2012 sale of 50% of Collus. They want you to think there was a conspiracy by the utility staff not to release crucial documents.

There wasn’t. Period.

No matter how many times this gets debunked, no matter how often it gets corrected, it rises again and again amongst the ignorati. This time it was the Block’s bullshit judicial inquiry (aka their campaign platform) that revived this particular zombie – in part because The Block’s few remaining followers (the trolls) want to keep alive their hoax about corruption in town hall last term.

The trolls are passing around emails from town staff demanding the documents, without sharing the responses that indicate when the documents were provided and by whom. Very sneaky, but we’ve come to expect underhanded tactics by The Block’s minions.

Let’s try one more time for the hard-of-thinking who keep this balderdash afloat: everything (I repeat: EVERYTHING) the town asked for from Collus-PowerStream was provided, sometimes two or three times because the town kept demanding the same documents they already had more than once.

EXCEPT: personal/personnel information deemed confidential by the Ontario Corporations Act. Nor should they be revealed because they are CONFIDENTIAL and protected from outside scrutiny. That’s the friggin’ provincial law, and Collus-PowerStream had to pay lawyers to tell this to the town several times. That extra expense was one of the reasons the utility could not pay a dividend to the town last year (which befuddled Councillor Doherty).

However, salary and benefits aggregates were provided that covered the entire staff. PLUS anyone who can read (I know, I know: that lets out The Block and most of their followers) can thumb through the audited financial statements to get this information.

In fact, the three town employees appointed to the Collus-PowerStream board after the appointed members were illegally fired (a move by The Block that sparked an OEB investigation) were told they could examine those documents IF they signed a non-disclosure agreement and didn’t take it outside the board room . They REFUSED to do so. I wrote about this insubordination back in mid-2016

After the OEB rapped the town’s knuckles rather stingingly for this unethical board switcheroo, the former CAO and the treasurer were removed from the utility board and replaced with new Block puppets (both from out and neither were Collus customers).

The only “missing” documents are minutes of meetings that were the responsibility of the town, not Collus-PowerStream, to record and archive. For them you have to look to the clerk’s office to find out who took them and where they are. They were not maintained or taken by Collus-PowerStream. This has been said repeatedly but the trolls don’t listen.

So please, help kill this stupidity. Help set the record straight. I know: the trolls prefer their alt-facts instead of the truth, but please, dear reader, don’t be bamboozled by this basket of deplorables and their wacky conspiracy theories. Don’t feed the trolls!

Collingwood deserves better. 

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