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SaundersonWith the provincial election only a few days away, I thought I should remind you why you might want to vote for Collingwood’s much-disliked, hypocritical, bullying, and inept mayor, Brian Saunderson. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve likely read the dozens and dozens of posts I’ve written over the years about his failure to act in even a vague pretense of a leadership role, his hypocrisy, his mismanagement, his personal vendetta, and the constant conflicts of interest he ignores. But just as a reminder, I’ve added links to a few of those posts…

So many reasons to vote for Brian! And not just to get rid of him as mayor and end his disastrously mismanaged regime in Collingwood! Just pretend that ethics, honesty, leadership, openness, accountability, confidence, competence, forward-thinking, and concern for the community don’t matter in a politician and you’ll be happy to elect someone lacking in all of those attributes.

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  1. A great letter…

    The irony is that someone so concerned with standards and process was without any regard for an open and transparent nomination process when he accepted the appointment by Doug Ford for his current role as the riding candidate for the PC party. Saunderson seems to see no irony in a person so concerned with fair and due process, “taking a leave” as Collingwood mayor instead of officially resigning to ensure there can be no sign of conflict or influence as he seeks higher office. Is he planning on returning as mayor if he loses? He was perfectly comfortable to stay on as mayor when openly running in the Progressive Conservative nomination process, again seeing no concern how the taxpayers would perceive this dual role.

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